• Brand By You is the home to Mouse Ears and Cold Beers (trademarked!). Show your love for Mickey and alcoholic beverages with this hard enamel pin. It features everything you love about our best selling design in a perfect pin collecting manner
  • Our Mouse Ears and Cold Beers pin in seen laying on top of the bill of our green Mouse Ears and Cold Beers dad hat! This picture is used as a reference for size of the pin as well as to give the wearer an idea of just how versatile this design is to their wardrobe needs!
  • Mouse Ears and Cold Beers is Brand By You's trademarked design. Here we see the popular pin as well as one of our favorite dad hats. Joined lastly with a California Adventure, ice cold beer to round out the team! We have many styles to wear this design, don't be caught drinking without at least one of them!

"Mouse Ears and Cold Beers" Pin


Brand By You is the home of "Mouse Ears and Cold Beers"

This listing is for one (1) Mouse Ears and Cold Beers soft enamel pin. It comes with a rubber clasp, and measures 1.5 inch tall.