DARN! I missed your last opening! Is there any way you can take one more order?

Rats! That bites! If you didn't get an order in this round, hopefully you can place one next time! We cannot, however, make exceptions to printing customer shirts in the down time between openings. That would be unfair to everyone else that may have wanted a shirt and wasn't able to get it.

Do you know when you will be restocking (insert design / color combo inquiry)?

Great question! We are actually NOT a restock shop - we are a make-to-order shop. That means that when we have our openings, everything in our shop will be available for purchase. That also means that we do not run out of certain sizes or colors since nothing is printed yet. We only print after we receive the order. The only time a size or color will read "SOLD OUT" during one of our openings is when our supplier of the blank shirts is out of stock of that item.

How long is your processing time?

Our processing time can range from 7-15 days from the end of the opening date. However during busy seasons such as the beginning of summer, Black Friday, and early December, our processing time may take longer. Please check our home page for current processing times as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we update those frequently with processing times.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery time will depend on which shipping option you choose at checkout. Delivery time will take into effect AFTER our processing time. We currently offer First Class, Priority, and Express shipping options for the US. Respectively each shipping time would take 3-5 business days, 2-3 business days, and 1-2 business day. International shipping time will vary. We are not responsible for any custom fees or taxes due to international import tax laws - we have no control over which packages are and are not subject to a custom fee.

I need my shirts by a certain date. Can you meet my deadline?

We are thrilled that you want to get one of our shirts in time for your trip, so please ask us before purchasing if you are concerned about your shirt getting to you on time! We have all of our information about shop openings listed on our website as well as on our social media so hopefully that can help you out a bit in planning when to purchase. Please check out current processing time as well since that may interfere with your vacation date. We cannot, however, make exceptions to printing customer shirts in the down time between restocks.

I just want the graphic used on one of your shirts. Can you sell it to me?

No. We use a very high end way of printing our shirts and we do not want any quality lost due to printing the designs themselves. Also we have had many issues with people passing off our original hand drawn artwork as their own. We are the only owners to the artwork/designs, and we have not and will not give anyone permission to use, print, sell, or any other use of the work to any individual or entity for personal or commercial use. Any violators of our property will be subject to corrective action taken by Brand By You.