BBY Funding FAQs

What is BBY Funding?

BBY Funding is our new way to fund our newest projects coming to the shop! This is also a great way for you to be that much closer to the process of what comes into BBY. You are literally the determining factor on whether or not these products come to life!

How does it work?

It pretty much works exactly like a Kickstarter page! We are posting this product idea as a way to help us fund the production itself. You will be rewarded for helping us in the form of a mystery gift being sent along with the Main Funding Product that you purchase! Unlike Kickstarter though, all credit cards will be charged at the point of purchase instead of being charged at the end of the funding time period. Also unlike Kickstarter, if we do not reach our end funding goal amount, then we will be trying our best to invest any remaining goal amount that we cannot raise. If for some reason we cannot invest the remaining amount, then (and ONLY then) would we cancel the production and refund orders.

Under what circumstance would I not get these products/get refunded?

We will always be pushing to fund the entire project, but if for some reason we do not make between 60-70% of our entire funding goal, then we would cancel the production and refund the affected orders. The exception to this refund policy, however, would be the products listed under the Complementary Products - those items will be shipped between 7-10 business days after purchase.

What is the perk of purchasing now?

Not only will you get the Main Products at a pre-order discount, but we have special gifts that we are giving out to those who purchase from our Main Funding Products section!

When will I get my item?

Each new funding project will have a different processing time. This newest project for our "Celebration Collection" will be 5-6 weeks from our end funding time! This processing time only applies to our Main Funding Products section. If you are buying from the Complimentary Products section, processing time will be different. The best way to know is to check the listing itself!

Why will it take so long?

The purpose of this funding page is to help us fund new projects! That being said, none of these Main Funding Products are officially in production. We have our product samples and that's it. But to be able to make these products on a mass production requires quite an investment! This is your way to get these products before anyone else, at a discounted price, and get a cool gift out of it as well! If we meet your Funding Goal, we will then place our order for the entire product line! Our manufacturer of this product has a current processing time of 5-6 weeks.