"Thank You for Choosing BBY for All Your Apparel Needs"

If you are an OG Brand By You follower, then I know you know this design! "Fly Magic Carpet" was one of the first BBY designs ever made and produced, and shortly afterwards it became one of our first fan favorites! Needless to say, this design has a special place in our heart's.

We had teased a few months ago about this design making a comeback and we got a lot of responses from our original group of followers (and yes I would remember if you were one of our first followers by your Instagram handle name). The other responses we got were followers who were just excited to see more Aladdin designs coming out and I have to tell you, this movie release sparked a lot of new products over here! Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney classics so when I started designing, I just couldn't stop!

The original "Fly Magic Carpet" design was one of my personal favorites because it was the first time I expanded my creativity in a design to show a fictitious product or service - even though it was introduced in the movie itself. But most of my favorite designs follow this theme of a fake business or product, such as Crush's Surf School, Black Pearl Caribbean Spiced Rum, and Guardian's Radio. All of these designs stemmed from my promise to keep BBY as unique as possible, because that way you, a loyal fan, could easily be able to spot a copy cat. It's easy enough to take a movie quote and slap it on a shirt (I mean I still have designs like that!), but I have the most amount of fun creating for you all when it's designs like this that are so original and so unique that if anyone comes out with something similar, well I would know where they got the idea from..

Anyway, this design being one of the first hits of BBY, I wanted a chance to bring it back to the shop in a way that reflected our growth in our designing abilities. Back before I knew that graphic designers were an amazing resource to have as a shirt shop owner, I handled all the designing myself. Most all of my first designs were reflections of my non-graphic designing abilities! But over these past four and a half years, I have picked up a thing or two and although I do have a lot of my designs now made by a professional, I really wanted to make sure the new Magic Carpet design was something I made myself. I wanted this design revamp to be a personal reflection of the growth I have achieved in this business and I wanted it to be an ode to all of you for sticking by me even when my work wasn't always the most top notch. You guys choose BBY for all your apparel needs back when the designs were few, the mock ups were bad, and the designs were remedial. You guys saw the growth firsthand and continued to show it love. You guys are the reason I was able to achieve this growth and all the things I learned along the way that has made Brand By You exactly what you see today and hopefully what you will see for more years to come.

So this design is for you. The ones who have been here since day one; the ones who took a chance on purchasing from us back when we had little to no reviews or credibility; the ones who gave us a second look and decided to follow along when they saw us expanding; and the ones who are here with us now. Thank you for choosing Brand By You.


  • Posted by Lauren on

    I bought this sweatshirt design when it first came out! Aladdin is my favorite and I’m so glad to see that the design is coming back.

  • Posted by Jessica on

    I love the beach towel and can’t wait to order one. Aladdin is one of my favorite movies.

  • Posted by Grace Sherman on

    Love the updated design!!

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