Stop, Drop, and Thrift Store Shop

As many have, I grew up bouncing from thrift store to thrift store with my mom. The long hours, the disorganized atmosphere, and that weird smell that they all seemed to have all gave me the impression that thrift stores are, in all matters of the word, "icky".

Years passed, social media grew, and I started to see all these people finding just absolutely adorable Disney finds by shopping at thrift stores! Not to mention, finding pieces that seemed way too new to be found at a thrift store! So a few months ago, my friend, Ashley and I, decided to take our own journey. I knew she had already taken plenty of trips to thrift stores near her house so I thought it would be perfect for the two of us to venture to the ones my mom had taken me to eons ago.

Our first stop was Salvation Army. As we were walking up to the front door, I decided to give her a heads up. "Alright so when you get in there, try not to be overwhelmed by how much shit is everywhere.." And then we walked in.. Oh. My. Gosh. New floors, actual aisles and sections, everything was color coordinated! AND NO WEIRD SMELL!

I was shocked. I looked over at Ashley stunned and just said "um.. nevermind." From there we got to work! Our mission: to start finding the same sort of monumentally amazing finds other people had been finding.

We probably spent about three or four hours going from one store to another (my hometown has literally a whole block of thrift stores that we could just walk into one after another!). We each found some pretty cool Disney pieces, but nothing that was jaw dropping or life changing.

But this didn't stop my journey. Since that first time with Ashley, I couldn't help but think I needed to keep at it. But not just for Disney finds - for Disney Bounding finds! For someone like me who has a part time job, and a full time hobby that really only pays for my car payment (i.e. BBY haha), I don't have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to shopping the latest and greatest! In fact, I have a pretty tight spending schedule!

It's a good thing that it's called "fast fashion" because that fashion sure turns up in thrift stores pretty darn fast!!

My style tends to not follow trends that much - I like to think that it can transcend time periods and can easily be incorporated by lots of people. So I was able to find a lot of great picks for Disney Bounds!

Below I have attached some pictures of my recent Bounds that were not made possible without thrifting!


Thrifting is a great way to put together some amazingly unique Disney Bounds! For instance, this Evil Queen and Freddie Mercury mashup.I was able to find the perfect outfit to match my phone case for my Evil Queen and Freddie Mercury bound.Posing like Freddie Mercury in his iconic white outfit with the yellow jacket. Queen is an amazing band and it felt so right to do a mashup of Freddie Mercury and the Disney villain, the Evil Queen.

After I became an OtterBox Ambassador, I got a new jolt of inspiration in the form of phone cases! As soon as I saw this phone case I was instantly inspired to put together an Evil Queen X evil "QUEEN" mashup outfit. Especially since the case doesn't say "Evil Queen". So I put together a rendition of Freddie Mercury's white outfit with the yellow jacket and instead did a black outfit with this 80's retro color splotched jackets - shoulder pads and all! Haha! My finds from the thrift store were the jacket and the lace top. Together they totaled about $10!


This Maleficent Disney Bound would not have been made possible without the help of thrift store shopping!This Disney Bound would probably have never have happened without the help of my phone case from OtterBox.Feeling all sorts of villainous with my Maleficent bound! Bright green top, black skirt, purple suspenders, and a hair-do that mimics her horns.

With the new Maleficent movie blowing people away before it even came out, I was determined to put something together that could blow you all away too! And my thrift store finds did not disappoint! I was able to find this bright green button up shirt from Express and these perfect purple suspenders to match my bright purple lipstick. Together, these two picks totaled about $7.


I think one of the biggest things you need to remember while thrift store shopping is to not go in with one specific idea of what you want or need. It's good to have direction but it isn't a good idea to have one exact thing you want otherwise you will walk out disappointed.

The other big thing I think you need to remember while shopping is to remember that you don't HAVE to shop! What I mean by that is to remember what you have in your own closet at home! There's no need to waste money on something you can easily incorporate into your outfit that you already have.

Lastly, if you can't find any thrift store finds that suit you or don't have ones near you, thenNo trip to Galaxy's Edge would be complete without a little shopping help from Poshmark! I was able to score this great red plaid lace up top to complete my dark side look. I highly recommend getting addicted to Poshmark like I have. Through this site, I was able to find the types of pieces that I wasn't able to find while shopping and scored an incredible deal on them. An example being this super cute plaid shirt that had the front laced that I wanted to wear for a Dark Side look around Galaxy's Edge.  I would like to think that the majority of Poshmark listings are pretty much shopping thousands of thrift stores in an online setting. Not to mention, I can make some side money selling the pieces that I have grown out of, old BBY items that I used for photoshoot pictures, or (hopefully!) don't have a need for anymore. {If you want to jumpstart your own closet, use my code DONNA_FAABORG when signing up for a new account and you will receive $10 to spend on the app!}

Overall I am coming to realize that I never ever, ever should have given away any of my old clothes because I probably got rid of so many great things that I could have used for future Disney Bounds! So as much as your boyfriends or husbands or significant others may beg and plead for you to empty your closet, just let them know that by cleaning it, that just means you have to spend more to create other beautiful outfits. Don't let them bully you ;)

I hope if you had a similar opinion about thrift stores that this blog will help you give it a second chance to blow you away. Start shopping and get to creating beautiful outfits! And I can't wait to keep adding to this topic because I have so many new Disney Bounds that I cannot wait for you to see!

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