Fall Dapper Day 2019 - 20's Tron Style

If you aren't aware of what Dapper Day is, I assure you that it will be something that you will want to be a part of next time it comes around!

Dapper Day is an unofficial Disney day where people wear their Sunday best into the park to enjoy all the magic that the park has to offer. It is held at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but the dates rarely overlap. Dapper Day weekend comes around twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall. Apart from the actual day itself, the entire weekend is full of fun, complete with a Dapper Day Expo so you can shop apparel, accessories, and even meet some of your favorite style icons from the Insta-sphere.

Including this Fall Dapper Day, I have attended four Dapper Days - each one more fun than the last because as each year passes, I gain more knowledge into styling myself to fit a theme and I make more friends to go to Disney with.

Most people who don't know much about Dapper Day think that the theme is supposed to be 50's style to match the time period that Disneyland was first opened and what those first guests would have worn into the park. Bu this isn't true! Dapper Day is to celebrate anyone who wants to wear something that makes them feel - well - DAPPER! You don't have to spend hundreds on your outfit, you don't have to be dressed in 50's, and you don't have to wear something that is necessarily Disney. Lots of people will do Disney Bounds of their favorite characters, but in nicer attire. However there are still plenty of people who do their Bounds in casual-wear, or just wear something nice but not a Bound. There's really no right or wrong! As long as you feel beautiful or handsome, then you are doing Dapper Day correctly.

That being said, I decided to do a 20's Tron themed flapper outfit! The dress I wore I actually bought for $8 at Goodwill a few months ago and honestly had no idea I would be wearing it to this Dapper Day! But luck shined on me and I was able to go! My head piece was something I found on Poshmark for $16, my heels I found at another thrift store for $10, and my fishnet gloves were a part of another outfit I did earlier this year but I got them at Party City.

Dapper Day at Disneyland is not focused on just 50s style. I decided to do a Tron 20s flapper style!A simple and elegant Tron make-up look, and the ISO symbol on my left arm - just like Quorra's from Tron Legacy.The best thing about 20s flapper dresses are the frills that you can shake and move with such ease! It makes taking pictures that much more fun!

Tron Legacy is my favorite movie and even though most no one has seen it, it brings me so much joy putting together an outfit or a new design for it. My obsession of it has continued to grow as the years pass, and the style of my make-up for this outfit is actually a rendition of the first time I did a more detailed make-up look for Tron from SEVEN years ago!! I topped my make-up off with the ISO symbol on my left arm - just like Quorra's!

Now, the only problem I ran into with my Tron outfit is that unfortunately, there aren't a lot of photo opportunities for my outfit that would make sure. Disneyland just doesn't really have anywhere that looks like the Grid! So.. I decided to take pictures that made no sense at all because those were way more fun!

I didn't have a Dapper Day date, so I asked Aladdin to be mine. Unfortunately, he told me that I has to ask Jasmine.Aladdin is a great character to meet at Disneyland. He's handsome is the perfect gentleman to all ladies!Although Aladdin didn't accept my invitation to be my date, I did try my best to cleverly recreate a romantic pose that him and Jasmine had done in the movie in the balcony scene.

I asked Aladdin to be my date for the day (he said I had to ask Jasmine for permission though..), and I asked Captain Hook to show me if he could make his outfit dance like mine could. Honestly that was probably one of the funniest character interactions I have ever had!

Meeting Captain Hook on Dapper Day. He was so happy to get his own chance in the spotlight since he is also dressed so dapper!I asked Captain Hook to do his own version of making his outfit move and dance like mine. This is what he came up with!Posing like Captain Hook during my meet and greet on Dapper Day at Disneyland.

Also the great thing about Dapper Day is that a lot of people you follow on Instagram in the Disney community are probably there too!

Spending the Dapper Day afternoon with my best friend, Ashley from @ashhtaylor, who is Disney Bounding as Winter Belle.I got to meet some amazing people during Dapper Day. These ladies run the page The Magic Muses and were dressed as the ugly step sisters in Cinderella.Posing with my Tron loving friend John who runs the page DizMagic on Instagram. We met over a mutual love for all things Tron.

I was able to spend the day with my best friend, Ashley @ashhtaylor, who was Disney Bounding as Winter Belle. I was also able to meet Sydney and Rayna, who run one of my favorite Insta account @magicbymuses, for the first time that day! The were Disney Bounding as the ugly step sisters from Cinderella. Lastly, I ran into my friend, John @dizmagic, and we were able to catch up for a little bit since we hadn't seen each other in like a year. The two of us actually met over a mutual love of Tron!

And lastly, the big Dapper Day meet-up was held in ToonTown so I got to see so many other people wearing just incredible outfits! But the best outfit in my opinion goes to this lovely lady right here who runs the page @frosinfantasyland for Disney Bounding as YES from Wreck It Ralph 2! She was handing out "likes" in the form of heart shapes lollipops!! HOW FREAKING UNIQUE RIGHT?

I had one of the best times I had ever had at Dapper Day that day because I was wearing something I felt beautiful in, was displaying one of my all time Disney loves (TRON!) even if no one else knew who I was, and I got to hang out with some amazing people. I will see you in the spring, Dapper Day!

Overlooking Disneyland Main Street USA on Fall Dapper Day in my 20s Tron flapper outfit.

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