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  • Can I Get Yo' Autograph?

    We all know that Disney is for kids and adults {and childless millennials} alike. But more often than not, it is definitely more catered to the younglings running around and that's okay! So for this day, I wanted to make sure that I could be a part of creating some special magic for some of those beautiful kids making their way around the part in their favorite character's costume. View Post
  • This Is a Shoutout to My Exes (Romances & Friendships)

    So you four might be wondering why I have asked you here today. Well to be quite frank with you, you all suck. Honestly, you guys put me through so much shit and I don't understand what I did to you to deserve the treatment. But here's the thing, I never got the opportunity to tell you how I real... View Post
  • A Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Mental Lifestyle

    Sometimes we may not know what we need to do to calm down. It may even be possible that the things that we do to make ourselves feel better are having a worse effect on our mental health. Which is why I opened up this discussion to all of you over Instagram! View Post